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Màiri’s debut solo album Ceòl is Òrain (Music & Song), available to buy from her online shop.

Màiri was brought up within the Gàidhlig culture where singing is as natural as everyday conversation. Having always competed at the Royal National Mod since 1994 she has been encouraged by the traditional style native to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and has blossomed as a singer in her own right. Three tracks on her latest album showcase her voice in its raw unaccompanied form.

Màiri’s voice has developed for many styles over the recent years, including recent experience of Musical theatre. Through teaching she has learnt to express herself through her voice, growing her confidence dramatically for both singing and public speaking. After many years of singing accompanied with her harp, Màiri now sings unaccompanied as she feels more ‘at home’ singing in the traditional style.

Earlier last year Màiri took on the role as conductor for the newly-formed Carloway Gaelic Choir. Without thinking of logistics the choir decided to enter their first National Mod and began to prepare their parts. Over the summer Màiri met with them a few times to start the learning process for the Lorne Shield songs. Unfortunately she then moved to Somerset in September and meeting for rehearsals became a little problematic! One idea to rehearse via Skype soon became reality and the choir became reliant on each other as long-distant learners. MP3 tracks were created and a website was a hub for fast communication between conductor and choir members, as well as a useful resource for members to practice on their own when other parts were missing. A distinct new process for a choir had been born and it was a steep learning curve for all involved, an exciting one at that! The Press soon became interested and the Skype-choir hype was made-known just before the competition. No pressure then! The choir performed an amazing feat, performing altogether for the very first time on the Saturday before the Thursday competition. Locals were so impressed that another two were added to the choir membership that night and due to various commitments before the actual competition, all 14 of them had never sung together before they went on stage that Thursday afternoon! The hard work paid off however and a lot of fun was had by all! Dedication was shown and they made their local community back in Carloway very proud. Màiri continues to “conduct” them from afar from her home in Somerset while other members are based in Carloway, Dingwall, Aberdeen, Inverness, Oban, Dundee, Edinburgh & Manchester. Skype rehearsals are certainly never boring or without surprising activity!

As a solo singer, Màiri is very much looking forward to exploring & researching into the local songs of the Isle of Lewis. Her dad is from the West-side of Lewis, Carloway, where some of the most beautifully written poems set to music and traditional songs live.

Màiri’s vocal experience extended into choral conducting in 2008, although she owes her passion for conducting to the Lothian Gaelic Choir who encouraged her to take a few rehearsals while she was singing as a soprano in 2005 before she left for music college. She accepted an opportunity to train with Shirley Court (Hallé Youth Choir, CBSO Youth Chorus & Singing Sherlock books). Shirley taught her how to build a new choir from scratch, train them to listen properly, blend well together and become a community. The RNCM Youth Sing choir was a product of this training and together they successfully trained an un-auditioned group of teenagers, all of whom had never taken part in a musical or choral ensemble before. Their cultural awareness was broadened and Màiri’s skills were stretched, giving her the ability to foresee a future of choral conducting in her portfolio career.