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As a Clàrsach (celtic harp) player Màiri has had invaluable experience as a musician in bands, duos and as a solo artist. Throughout Scotland she has recorded for TV, radio, studio albums and has played in numerous famous venues including Edinburgh Castle and The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood but her fondest memory yet is having recorded Martyn Bennett’s Mackay’s Memoirs which was a true privilege to be a part of.

She has been a solo artist at the World Harp Congress (Dublin) in 2005 and appeared with ‘Na Clarsairean’ and as a Gaidhlig singer at the previous World Harp Congress (Geneva) in 2002.

As part of the inaugural Welsh Harp Festival in Caernarfon (2006) Màiri competed in the Traditional Folk harp category and won a brand new Camac Stivell harp! The beautiful harp was donated by Camac in France and its warm, rich tone has been a delightful source of inspiration.

She has performed and competed regularly at the Royal National Mòd since 1994 but more recently in 2004 (Perth) she was commissioned to write & perform the song for the opening ceremony. She set the music to a poem written by Aonghas MacNeacail (the crowned bard) which was also specifically commissioned that year for his crowning ceremony. She was then invited to return as a performer for the opening ceremony again in 2008 (Falkirk) where she played for First Minister Alex Salmond. She was then invited to perform and adjudicate at this year’s Mòd in Caithness and had a surprise in store........ She can now reveal that she was commissioned to write a piece for solo Clàrsach for Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay’s visit to the Mòd and it was performed and presented to him at the Showcase Exhibition this October.

Màiri performs on a custom built Mark Norris Professional Clàrsach made from Cocobolo wood. She enjoys the warm yet light tone of the harp and this creates the perfect sound for her music. She also plays on a Camac Electro harp which creates a completely different sound again. She mainly uses this with her duo Glèusta but doesn’t use it as her main source of amplified harp. The Electro harp is a very vibrant instrument and as such warrants specific writing and technique to find its full potential. However, she does amplify her Norris harp to give an electro/acoustic quality without losing the desired sound of a traditional Clàrsach. Màiri’s newest addition to the ‘family’ arrived in April 2011 where Starfish Designs have made her new Glenelle clàrsach in Walnut and also collaborated with the Orkney Jewellery designer Sheila Fleet (pictured with Màiri on the left) to make the harp completely unique to her (new Glenelle pictured to the right).

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Màiri’s debut solo album Ceòl is Òrain (Music & Song), available to buy from her online shop.

Collaboration with Shelia Fleet and Starfish designs. A Walnut Glenelle Clàrsach with Sheila’s special Skyran piece pictured above.