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A harpist and singer from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Màiri is steeped in traditional Gaidhlig culture. However, her music has a bit of a twist.....

Also trained as a classical and contemporary performer she has extensive experience in orchestral, chamber and solo performance in a variety of genres and on various types of harps - Concert Harp, Celtic Lever Harp and Electro-Harp. As a result, Màiri’s playing and writing style has a traditional feel with a modern edge.

She is currently working on ensemble and choral projects after releasing her debut solo album in August 2011. While she plans the next stage of her musical journey, Màiri is currently living in Somerset, working at the prestigious Wells Cathedral School which specialises in music. In September, she is moving to Taunton to be a classroom music teacher & Piano tutor in the Preparatory department of the Taunton School.

During her spare time Màiri also conducts the Carloway Gaelic Choir in the Isle of Lewis. However, the 700 mile distance between her and the choir has meant that rehearsals during the term have to be conducted via Skype. This also means that other choir members who are studying/living on the mainland can join in on the weekly practices. The process is exciting and a challenge but the main objective is to have fun, which they are all achieving very successfully!

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